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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Struggling a bit

I am feeling a bit of wavering in my motivation to do this. I know all the reasons why I want to do it. But I am tired and I have been fighting off thoughts this evening of just a little chocolate/cake/biscuits.

I think TOM is on it's way (but can't be sure because it's never very predictable). I am going to try to see off the thoughts of not sticking with it by knitting. I am hungry too but am worried that if I eat something I am going to end up going overboard. My plan for the rest of the evening is a banana, knitting and watching some online TV then bed.

I hope to wake up in the morning and find it's just a blip. Just in case I am going to prepare everything I need to for breakfast in the morning so that I can come down and just make and eat it. I don't need any temptation to ruin what I have achieved so far and set myself back on what I want to achieve.


  1. I fought that really bad when I started Do anything to take ur mind off it shower,knit,walk,do another workout right after you will feel so invigorated and it will help fight off urges HUG!

  2. you can do this...you know what might help...ever had a little chocolate drizzled over a banana and then frozen...they also have chocolate protien shakes...sometimes giving yourself a little of the taste can help....or not.
    If you think you'll eat the banana and then another...then ignore me completely...lol. I am sure this was helpful. not.
    hang in there.

  3. Ha ha. Unfortunately last night was one of those times where if I had even the tiniest sniff of chocolate then I would have ended up looking like Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda when he is made to eat the whole cake! I went with a banana, I am safe with fruit. When I binge it is only ever chocolate, cakes, biscuits.
    I did go with a banana, knitting and watching something. I feel much stronger this morning and am trying really hard to focus on that feeling of knowning that I stuck with it. I figure if I can somehow re-programme my mind to focus on that it will help.