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Monday, 4 April 2011

One week on.

So I weighed in proper for the first time this morning. I am pleased with how it has gone. It's not been easy all the time but there has been a lot more time when I thought "I can do this" than when I was thinking  "Can't do it, might as well give up!".

The first week has got me to
12st 4 1/2lbs. That means I have lost 4lbs this week.
1 1/2 inches lost over my chest, waist and hips.

I am happy with that and have set my goal for this week at 12st 3lbs. I don't want to set myself goals of more than 1 1/2lbs a week because I know that if I don't reach it I will feel down. What I have decided to do is set a goal of 1lb on weeks where my weight is a whole number and 1 1/2lbs on a half number. Sad I know, but simple things please simple minds. :oD

We have all been unwell for the past week with chesty coughs but when that is gone I am going to start doing the 30 day shred workout.

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