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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I haven't disappeared in a puff of smoke

Lately I haven't had time to spare to sit down and update this blog. I haven't gone too far off track. I am still 20lbs down, I am still running, I am still here. When life calms down I will be back more often.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

So my legs need time to recover

I liked finding that I could run 5k non stop in August. I liked it so much I have done it several times since. Not every day but because I have done other things on most of those in between days I haven't really given my legs a chance to recover. Last night they decided that if I was going to ignore them then they were going to shout louder.

I took part in a local 5k race. It's a regular thing and husband talked me into it. It is very hilly and as a result I found I couldn't run the whole thing. I tried, oh boy did I try, to keep making them start running again but just over 4k in I had to walk for a bit. I kept starting running again but it didn't last and that last 1k was walk/run the whole time. I did make myself run up the last hill though.

This morning my legs ache. I knew they would. My last three runs have been tough going. I have had to force my legs to carry on. Husband (he who never rests) has told me he would suggest I take a week off running. I can do other things; gently cycling, swimming and core/upper body workouts but rest the legs is the general message.

My first thought was genuinely "No running for a week! That's a long, scary time". But I know from the way my legs feel that if I don't do this I will regret it. Then I actually chuckled at the thought of me being bothered about not being able to run for a week.

Watch this space because I expect my next run in a week to be damn good. Then I am going to start building my way up to 10k ready for May.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weigh in

Weight - 11st 3lbs- No loss since last week making 19 1/2lbs loss total.
Body fat - 34% - 1% loss since last week/6% total loss
1/4in loss from chest
no loss on waist
1/2in loss on hips
13in total loss
So I didn't lose any weight this week and I was a very bad blogger. Time kind of melted away and something I was vaguely involved in kicked off and I became more involved equalling lots more time needed than I had. I did lose inches and fat though. That I am pleased about.
I haven't really given a lot of thought about my plans for the next week but I would like to shift the scales further down. I am going to set some time aside to dedicate purely to giving some thought to how I am going to achieve that.
I am running a 5k race FOR FUN tonight. I will be doing it with my husband while we abandon the children to the fate of the grandparents. A year ago the suggestion that I would do that would have had me rolling on the floor clutching my sides.
One thing I have continued to find time for is running. At the weekend I went out by myself and ran my furthest/longest run so far. It was only a little more than previous times but I was really pleased with myself because the whole time my legs were very heavy and I had to push to keep going. The idea of doing that made me feel very proud of myself.
This is a strange bitty post. I apologise for that but it kind of reflects how my thoughts are in my head right now. I have a lot going on and no real sense of order to it.