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Monday, 11 April 2011

Weigh in

I am two weeks in now. I have found the last week a little easier and the way I have been eating feels right. I could eat less than I am but I know that if I do then I will start to feel hard done by and sneak things in. I am ok with slow and steady wins the race at the moment.

Week 2 has me at;
12st 4lbs - that is only 1/2lb loss but it is still the right way.
another 3/4 in lost over my chest, waist and hips.
Body fat reduced from 40% to 39%.

That puts me at 4 1/2lbs lost and 2 1/4in lost in total. I am also measuring my upper arm, thigh and calf on one side but won't be checking those every week. I am not down about only losing 1/2lb. I was aiming for 12st 3lbs this week but to be quite honest I think, shhhh, I need to step up the fibre intake. A bit of an issue there.

So my goal for next week is 12st 3lbs, again I know but like I said, slow and steady.

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