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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Into the jaws of temptation but this time with a plan. Mwa ha ha ha haaaah.

It is impossible to miss that Easter is coming up! All the shops are crammed with chocolate eggs, bunnies, chicks etc. Now for me Easter is about chocolate. I'm afraid that I am one of those people who does the Easter egg thing and the Christmas present thing but who doesn't do it because of the religious reasons. I don't mean for that to offend anyone reading for whom it is firmly connected to their Christian beliefs. It's just that I am not religious, I make no apologies for this. I am a good person, I have been told I'd make a good Christian too. It amuses and bemuses one of my loveliest friends (who is a devout Christian) that I live the way I do and am the way I am but don't have the belief she does. Anyway, that isn't what this post was about, just got a bit carried away in explanation there!

Anyway, because Easter for me is about chocolate that means I am setting myself up for quite a challenge come Sunday. I know that I will be receiving plenty of it and I don't want to get it and then have scoffed it all within a week (okay it is often less than that, if I am honest). Now I am trying hard not to be strict on myself but I know that if I don't make a plan for this then I will just go mad and nibble a bit here and a bit there and lose track of how much is gone. Before I know it I'll have nibbled back the 6 pounds I have got rid of.

So here is the plan. Whatever chocolate I get I am going to limit myself to 25  grams of it a day. I am going to weigh that out every day and put it in a separate tub.

This is going to be strange for me. My step-dad is one of those people who can have a couple of pieces of chocolate and leave it there. My Mum is one of those people who can easily eat their way through the biggest bar going (she doesn't have any weight issues though).

I am going to enjoy any chocolate that comes my way but I am going to go for actually enjoying it rather than having it barely touch the sides on the way down.

Now the other problem I am going to have is the children's chocolate. Every year before now I have 'helped' them with their chocolate. When I say 'helped' I mean that I have dipped into their chocolate repeatedly. So this year I am going to have to be strict on myself. I blame my child hood days. It was a source of amusement that if my brother and I had chocolate I would finish mine and then tell/persuade him that he had to share his because I didn't have any left. So her is my pledge. I am NOT going to steal, take, borrow or sneak any of my children's chocolate. I am going to impose a penalty on myself that if I do then I have to give them back double the amount from my own chocolate. If they offer me some and I accept then I have to take that out of my 25g per day.

So there is my Easter survival plan. I am going to eat chocolate, I am going to enjoy it and I am not going to ruin what I am working for.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! You can stick with it!

  2. Sounds like a solid plan with all of the details worked out. I think you will find that making that chocolate special actually does make it taste better. I know it does for me.
    By the way, totally get you on the not so religious, but a good person thing. Was raised Christian by a horrible family so I know the label is not what makes the person. I see myself as spiritual but not religious.

  3. Thank you. My philosophy with chocolate has always been the sooner I eat it the quicker it is out of the way (and replaced with more!). It is my biggest weakness so I had to make a plan for it. Like with everything else Iam not going to say none at all because I'll make up for it by eating lots more a couple of days/weeks down the line. I've tried that more than enough times to know that just isn't going to work for me.