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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Weigh in - Has it been a month already?!

No really, I can't believe it is already a month that I have been being new me. Trust TOM to come along now and throw a spanner in the works of my motivation and loss! It's not that I haven't lost it's just that I was hoping for a little more this week. The number on the scales isn't my main reason for doing this but after so many attempts to lose weight in the past it is difficult to let go of that as being the important marker. Well here is where I am this week;

Weight - 12st 2lbs - A loss of 1/2lb since last week making 6 1/2lbs loss total.
Body fat - 38% - Another 1% down making 2% loss total.
Another 1in lost over chest, waist and hips making 4in lost in total.

Now for talking some sense into myself.

Only losing 1/2lb isn't so bad really seeing as TOM is here for a visit.
Losing another 1% from body fat is marvellous. Probably even more important than losing weight is getting that number lower.
The inch loss is really good too. For the only time I have been combining regular exercise with healthier eating and it is clearly working.

As it has been a month I have also measured bicep, thigh and calf. I have only measured on the left side for these. I have to say, Jillian Michaels has certainly come up with an effective workout in 30 day shred. I have been doing that for just over 2 weeks now.

Left bicep - 12 7/8in - loss of 3/8in.
Left thigh - 23 7/8in - loss of 1in. I am particularly chuffed with this.
Left calf - 15 3/8in - loss of 3/8in.

As I say I am really pleased with the loss from my thighs. My legs are the part of my body that I really don't like. They are short and stumpy. I can't do anything about the length ,short of medieval stretching instruments (and I'm not that desperate) but I can make them smaller. I live in jeans. In the last 10 years I have worn a dress twice, my wedding day and my brothers wedding day. I don't do skirts and dresses but maybe, just maybe by the time Jillian has finished with me I might feel more comfortable about doing so.

The motivation side of things is a little lacking. I am having to try really hard to remind myself why I am making the changes I have and to stick with it. It's very up and down at the moment. I don't know if it is because of TOM or if it's something else. I am going to stick with this though. Like I say in my about me box 'I am in charge', hormones aren't going to derail me. I really want to see the back of 12st anything. It doesn't suit me! :oD


  1. YAY for losing inches!!! When I lack motivation I reread my blog it helps me see why I started.I hope u get ur fire back!

  2. I do remember that for me in the beginning things were very slow and it was hard to see whether the changes were really worth anything. I just told myself that as long as the numbers on the scale didn't go up, then I was on track. And I kept at it.
    Finding some way of making it worth it, even if you don't always see losses is important. I'm glad that you are getting that satisfaction right away of actually seeing losses, but yes it is important to find an inner fire to get through the different stages that are to come.