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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

What a miserable day!

You know those grey, soggy, wet, icky days? Well that is what we have where I am today. It is just plain miserable. I don't mind those sort of days in the Autumn but it is late spring here and I want sun. As a result I am feeling pretty sulky. Of course that could also be something to do with the way TOM is messing me about. It is here (finally) but has brought with it a bit of water retention. I am so very unimpressed by this. This week of all weeks it is not welcome. I have done my bit of making sure I get out there and exercise. Even this morning when I went out to do C25K in the drizzle. I have kept on top of food and eaten as planned with the exception of one chocolate bar. In the past I have had a tendency to lose rather than gain when TOM rolls around. I guess this might be one of those things I will just have to accept with my body changing.

Ah well. I do have a couple of NSV's to brighten my day. I am sitting typing this wearing one of my snuggliest pairs of pyjamas. I have worn the top for a long time. It is one of those flannel shirt tops. I have the buttons done up and there is, as my husband just so delicately put it "No straining in the top". He has a way with words bless him. :oD

The other NSV is running related. After my not so good C25K week 4 run on Friday I decided to stick with week 3 for now. This morning I found the 90 second runs easy, even thinking "Is that bit done already?". The first 3 minute run was also manageable and finished before I expected (remember I don't clock watch anymore as it distracts me, I wait for the podcast to tell me). The second one wasn't so good and I had to stop after 2 1/2 minutes. My legs were very achey (which I put down to TOM, it has a lot to answer for this month!) and didn't want to go a second more. I did do the remaining 30 seconds after a bit of walking. I was still pleased though because my ability to breathe whilst running has improved massively.

Tomorrow entries open for the 10k race I plan to do with my step dad and brother. Scary. I will also get to see, officially, how much I weigh in at after my week of getting back to being properly aware of food and exercise. I am preparing myself for seeing a small gain on the scales rather than the loss I was really hoping for. That is ok. I know it will be because of TOM and after another week I will be able to see the loss. I figure too that if I can talk myself into being ok with that then it is another NSV of sorts.

I shall make my theme tune for this week Tubthumping by Chumbawumba. If you don't know it head off to You tube, it is bound to be there. Enjoy.


  1. It's hard to remember sometimes that results are long term..after a week of hard work you want to see the evidence on the scale. You are right, it will be there the following week. A nice substantial drop. Good luck with the running.

  2. That is one reason I think I am sticking with this. In the past I have focused on the next week and if it hasn't been good then I start to fall off track. This time I am going day to day but trying to appreciate that each day adds up to a whole lot of time and that whole lot of time will equal a lot more than just one day.