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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Weigh in - 11 weeks

Back again for another weigh in. After last week where I was so miserable I thought I would look at that post again and see how I did on my goals for the week.

eat well - I did this. Planning my meals and snacks worked really well. It usually does so I have done the same for this week.
exercise as per my plans - I almost did this. Where I didn't it was because I realised I was either trying to step up too soon or hadn't planned very carefully. I am going to aim for more careful planning this week.
by the end of this week step up to level 4 of c25k. - I gave this a go and realised it was going to be too much too soon. I am not ready to move up to level 4 yet so will stick at level 3 and work on technique and breathing right.
be happy! - I managed this most of the week.
So where did it get me?
Weight - 11st 8 1/2lbs - A loss of 1/2lbs since last week making 14lbs loss total. UK people will know that this means I have lost a stone.
Body fat - 35% - A loss of 1% making 5% loss total.
Another 3/4in lost over chest, waist and hips making 9 1/2in lost in total
As I said last night I was kind of expecting no loss or possibly even a small gain. Having lost 1/2lb is ok with me. Obviously I would have like it to be more but I will take the 1 stone total and be happy about that. Especially when using my body fat % I worked out that 13.9lbs of that is fat. I guess that explains why some people have said it looks like I have lost more than 1 stone. Things are getting tighter. :o)
Using the body fat % from last week and this week also suggests that this week I have lost 1.98lbs of fat. I am happy with that. I shall take that as my reward for the extra effort I put in with the exercise.
The other thing about my loss is that while I have lost 1 stone since I started this blog I also realised that I am now 2 stone less than I was 2 years ago and 3 stone less than I was 8 years ago. Earlier this week the idea of losing another 2 stone seemed pretty daunting. But realising today that I have already lost 3 stone (ok, it was over a long time but it is still gone) makes it seem not so bad. Losing another 2 stone would put me at the top of the healthy weight range using BMI charts. Once I get there then I will decide if I am comfortable with that or am going to go a little bit more. I am not completely sold on the BMI measurements so will use that as a guide and follow my body/health as the overall decider.
Setting some specific goals last week worked well for me so I am going to do the same this week.
Eat well.
Exercise as per plan.
Fill a bag with 14lbs 'stuff' and carry it round for half an hour one evening to remind myself what I was carrying about 11 weeks ago.


  1. What a good idea with the bag of stuff to carry around. I really did get what I had been through when I stood in front of a mirror and imagined what it would have been like to add back a whole large 40lb. bag of dog food. I realized then what I had been carrying around on my body and the reasons behind what I had done to myself. It was quite cathartic at that point.

  2. Now I just have to get the stuff in a bag (and carry it about for half hour).