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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I like this extra energy

One thing that I am noticing a lot right now is that I have so much more energy than ever before. I am doing more in day to day life as well as exercising. Today was a good example. I did my 30DS level 1 workout as planned. After completing level 1 I started on level 2. After the first circuit of level 2 I considered leaving it there. But I didn't (to be honest I couldn't think of any good reason to stop) I carried on and completed level 2 aswell. The high I felt afterwards at being able to sustain really hard working out for that amount of time was huge.

That wasn't enough to use all my energy up though. This afternoon while Hyperboy and Bookworm were playing games I decided to do something about the state of the front garden. I went out with the intention of clearing the longer patches of grass. 15 minutes later I had done that and cleared the dead things from the planter we have out front. Going through the back garden to put tools away I decided to 'just clear a small patch out there' too. 45 minutes later I had cleared a quarter of the garden and realised I'd lost track of time. Just aswell I had already put baked potatoes in in the oven for tea!

I now feel nicely tired. Admittedly I also feel ever so slightly achey but it feels good to know that I can do all that on top of the usual days activities now.

I have kept on top of food today but this evening I am going to sit down and enjoy some chocolate. Bookworm and Hyperboy have gone to bed and my husband is out cycling somewhere so I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet. Of course I also have the knowledge that the gardening and 30DS I did earlier today means that I can have the chocolate and not have it sabotage my weight loss.

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