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Monday, 6 June 2011

Give the girl a slap!

I do kind of feel like that is what I need after re-reading my post from this morning. I needed to let off steam a bit and a good old whinge did help but my goodness I sounded miserable. As I said I would in that post I am back to check in with how my day has gone.

It hasn't been too bad really. After posting I did the whole of Jillian Michaels Banish fat boost metabolism workout. For someone who struggled with the 2 minute blocks of cardio in 30 day shred 2 months ago I am really pleased with myself for being able to kick butt in BFBM for the whole 54 minutes. Yes I include the warm up and cool down in my time.

I found it easy to stay away from snacking today. We were at a friends house for a large part of the day. She is also trying to lose some weight and I have brought her over to the dark side of 30DS. I didn't have to worry about what was for lunch because I knew it would fit in with my goals. It did and the distraction of having other people around and not having my own food stores tempting me was very helpful. I stuck to my food plan for the day.

I have decided that after walking my daughter to her Brownies group each week I am going to take the longer route home and see how much of it I can run. My goal is that I will reach the point where I can run the whole thing. It isn't a long way but it will give me a regular marker of progress. Tonight was that night so as well as BFBM this morning I have also done a walk/run. It is a very short route and involved 9 minutes of walking 4 minutes of running (roughly, I have lost the piece of paper I made notes on from my split timer when I got back!).

All in all today hasn't been too bad really. My plan for this evening is to relax and watch some rubbish on catch up tv.

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