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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Weigh in - Yes I decided to change it

I said I was considering changing my weigh in day to a Wednesday. I have decided I am going to. It was mainly prompted by the fact that for the next two weeks I won't be able to do it on a Monday. So it's only been 2 days since I last checked in but I figure there is no time like the present! Plus if I leave it until next week to swap and don't check on for 1 1/2 weeks I know I am likely to think "loads of time to make up for any little gains". I don't want to do that. It would mean being less careful, because if I am honest that is exactly what would happen, for 2-3 days before getting back in to it. So I weighed this morning and took it as a proper weigh in.

Weight - 11st 6 1/2lbs- A loss of 1/2lb since Monday(!!!!!) making 16lbs loss total.
Body fat - 36% - Same as Monday making 4% loss total.
1/4in lost from my hips making 10in lost from chest/waist/hips in total
I am going to go and get Bookworm and Hyperboy started on their work for the day and then I shall shred for all I am worth.


  1. 16 lbs is a fab weightloss! I'm considering changing mine too as Monday is too near Saturday and the excesses of the week end!

  2. Thank you. I am pleased with it. I keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race. It does help that everyday I am suprised at how quickly my clothes are becoming loose and how much tighter my body feels.