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Monday, 16 May 2011

Weigh in

I am doing a little happy dance here. That probably gives away the direction my scales and tape measure have gone this week. :oD

Weight - 11st 11lbs - A loss of 2 1/2lbs since last week making 11 1/2lbs loss total.
Body fat - 38% - 1% up on last week/2% lost in total.
Another 1in lost over waist and hips (none lost from chest again this week) making 6 1/2in lost in total.
I think it is fair to say that I feel like I have earned every lb/in of my loss this week. I am 4lbs away from being overweight. Now while it might sound very strange for someone to be excited about being overweight I have been obese for a long time. To be so close to 'just' being overweight is great. I know lots of other people following the same journey as myself will get what I mean.
If I am honest I was terrified when my shred DVD refused to play. I realise now that had become my comfort zone of activity. It was working, I could do it and when it wouldn't play I had felt (irrationally, I know) like I was going to suddenly ping back to where I was before. But I am one of those people who annoyingly, irritatingly believes that everything happens for a reason. Well since that DVD went the way of the dodo I have done swimming, running and cycling in it's place. I have shown myself that I can swim 1000 metres without stopping. I can cycle just over 4 miles and feel like I could go out and do it again later that day. I can go out for a walk/run and not feel like I am channeling Bambi when he first stands up.
There will be more running to come. I was talking to my husband about how my legs/feet felt when I was running. He took me off to one of those shops where they assess your running style. I now know that I apparently have a neutral gait and am the proud owner of a pair of (shockingly expensive) trainers.
I have also got a replacement shred DVD on the way and a copy of Banish fat boost metabolism. They have been dispatched. I am not just going to stick with those though. I plan to combine running,swimming, cycling and Jillian Michaels' instruments of torture ;o).
Oh and I am sorry, I lied. It isn't a little happy dance. It is a bloomin', great big, enormous happy dance.

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