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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I should have guessed it was Friday 13th!

I hadn't been aware of the date today. Nothing about today required me to know the date so I was oblivious. But as my title says, I should have guessed. So what should have given it away?

Well first of all my plan to workout before our day started didn't happen. Mostly through a lack of organisation. I didn't get DS's lunch ready for playgroup last night so that needed doing amongst other things this morning. That was fine. I could do it later....Fast forward to later...

Later came, I decided to do it before DD and I had lunch. I got myself ready and sorted out my mat and weights. Put DVD in. Nothing. Try again. Good, it's working this time. Oh no it isn't. Now sometimes our computer needs a major dust removal. It is worse at the moment because not far away there is a building site so we are dust central right now. No problem. Take cover off, clean out, put back together. Good, now I can do it. Put DVD in. It started. Then froze. I tried again and again, another 10 times. Like it might suddenly decide to work. At this point I figured that it wasn't going to suddenly work.

I should have expected it really. I noticed a crack in the DVD the other day and it kept freezing a few seconds at a time last time I used it. The jury is out on who is responsible for the crack but I have my suspicions. I have a 'very helpful' DS who likes to load and put away DVDs for me.

So plans to shred scuppered. Then I had a brain wave. I wonder if I can download it on itunes. Click click. It would seem that the version of quicktime we had was too low. Ok, un-install, re-install. £10?!!!!! £10?!!!!! I paid £5 for the DVD on Amazon. I'm not paying that much. By now it was an hour later than when I had planned to start, I was in a foul mood and DD had gone to play upstairs because she could see the tell tale signs of smoke billowing from my ears as I was simmering gently.

At this point I realised I was hungry. The trouble is my frustration had me wanting to eat. I stopped way before I ever would have done before but did eat a completely un-necessary chocolate bar. I wasn't hungry for it, I didn't enjoy it and I certainly didn't savour it.

So far, so bad. No workout DVD, messed up eating and foul bad mood. I am going to go and blog about this so I can get it off my chest. Click. What? What do you mean unavailable?! I NEED it, that is my outlet. This is not good.

I also realised I was feeling anxious. Not about the DVD. Not about the food. No. I was, for the first time ever, feeling anxious because I hadn't been able to do my exercise. Who has replaced my brain. Come on. Own up. I don't enjoy exercise. Do I? Woah there. I think I do. Me. Queen of excuses for getting out of PE at school. Merciless mocker of my husband for his intense training schedule. I want to exercise.

Now after a bit of thinking I decided that when DH got home I would go for a walk/run. DH and the children came with me to the field I planned to run in and after a bit, okay a lot, of talking myself into not thinking all the dog walkers would laugh at me I set off. Up and down the field a few times. Running for between 1 and 2 minutes at a time with 2 to 3 minutes of walking in between. I do have to get some new trainers. I can feel that they have no support at all. My husband assures me that decent trainers make a major difference. He says I can get some. There is one of those places that assesses your running style nearby. I can go there, run on a treadmill and they will find shoes that suit the way I run. (Do they do shoes for people who run in the style of a baby elephant?!).

Now there is a challenge for me. I have to go and run in front of people who spend their days with proper runners. Watch this space.

As for Friday 13th. Pah, I laugh in the face of your pathetic attempts to de-rail me. I did manage to get back on track with my eating and while I didn't get in below myfitnesspal's target I did eat less than 'normal, non-weight loss' calories etc. I did my exercise. I sucked it up and ran when every part of my brain was telling me that I would look absurd and would attract a crowd of laughing witnesses (I didn't). And this morning. I am wearing a new pair of jeans that were languishing in the too small pile. Another pair of non-stretchy 14s. Yah boo sucks Friday 13th. You'll have to try harder than that. Oh and as well as the replacement DVD I have ordered banish fat, boost metabolism.

Welcome back blogger. DON'T DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!


  1. Good job fightin the 13th! Awesome determination!

  2. Thanks Candy. Just as soon as I can figure out the formula for my new found determination I shall be bottling and selling it. ;o) It is like a switch has flicked somewhere in my head.

  3. Haha, sounds like you had a crazy day. You handled it fantastically ;)