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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Just call me Superwoman

Yes I am sorry. I am afraid I am blowing my own trumpet. But heck, I blooming well deserve it so if you can't abide self-congratulation then look away now.

I woke yesterday feeling like I didn't want to, and couldn't be bothered to, do the swimming in the evening. So what did I do? Well as my daughter had her swimming lesson I had to go to the pool anyway I packed my swimming bag so that later in the day I wouldn't have the excuse of it not being ready. Sneaky hey, I can not only outwit my 8 and 4 year olds I can outwit myself too. :oD That done I didn't have to give it a thought until late afternoon.

When it came time to leave for my daughter's lesson the mini's (I really should find them some blog names) and I set off on our bikes. It's a 1.7 mile ride to the pool and I am really pleased that the mini's can cycle there, DD can do her lesson and then they can cycle home.

Okay, mini's is going to annoy me. It sounds so twee.
DD from now on will be known as Bookworm. She really is. That girl would read all day if I didn't keep getting in the way with bits of work and her brother didn't keep getting her to play. DS will be known as Hyperboy. I worked with children for 18 years before he was born and I have NEVER known such an active child. If he isn't moving he isn't happy.

After Bookworm's lesson we had arranged that my husband would meet us at the pool straight from work and cycle home with them. He arrived just as we came out so they set off for home and I went back in to swim.

Swim I did. I started with the intention of seeing how much I could do aiming for at least 400 metres, remember I was not really in the mood for it so I just wanted to be able to say I had swum. I got that far in about 15 minutes and felt pretty good by that point. So I carried on. I swam and swam and swam. In the end I did 1,250 metres and had been swimming for 45 minutes with no breaks. That is the furthest and longest I have ever swum for in one go.

When I got out of the pool my legs were rather tired but gradually life returned to them and by the time I was showered and dressed I was a bit more sure about cycling home. When I first set off I wasn't convinced that I would make it home. There is a bit of a (long) hill at one point most of the way home and I didn't think I'd make it up there without having to get off and push. But I did. The gears on my bike came in very handy and I was moving so slowly that I swear I saw a snail rush past me but I made it. I even found the strength (both physically and mentally) to joke with a couple of men who had stepped aside to let me past. That was huge for me because as I said in my post about running I feel self-conscious about people seeing me exercise. But if you are reading this and yesterday some huffing, puffing, bright red in the face woman crawled past you on her bike and said 'give us a push' thank you for not laughing and mocking her and for chuckling with her.

When I got home my legs were very tired and I was ravenous but the sense of achievement had me on such a high that I didn't care. This morning I don't ache as I expected to. I feel proud of myself. Because I darn well should be. And boy am I glad I removed my excuse by packing my bag early in the day.

So if you had planned to do something today and there is a chance that you might find an excuse to not do it later what are you waiting for. Go and find a way to remove that excuse now, I want to read your blog post about what you did.


  1. I love swimming! Its such a relaxing way to exercise!

  2. We are really lucky. There is a super duper, amazing pool near us. It's huge which means that there is room for lessons, people to play and proper swimming all at the same time.