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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

NSV's left, right and centre

1) - 30 day shred. If you pop over here often then you might notice that I have moved my 30 day shred counter. There is a very good reason for that. I have done it every day for 30 days. This is huge for me. I have never exercised regularly. Even at secondary school I would find excuses to miss PE when I could. I am chuffed to bits with myself. In the gap it's left I am going to put my weekly plan for exercise and carry on updating it once I have done each day. Of course having completed 30 day shred I fully expect to wake up in the morning with the abs Jillian promises. If not I shall be seeking recompense. ;oD

2) - More energy - Bucket loads of the stuff. I was running with my DS today. He is 4 and I may have mentioned before that he never walks when he could run. I ran up a steep-ish path with him today. Twice.

3) - Trousers - I am sitting here wearing a pair of UK 14 jeans. They do up, they are comfy and did I mention they are a 14? 5 weeks ago even my loosest UK 16's were 'snug'. The 14's I have on are that weird stretchy denim so not truly jeans but they are still 14s and they are even a bit loose which brings me to #5.

4) - Belts - As the trousers are a bit loose I dug out a belt I bought a couple of months ago. When I bought it the first notch on it was just about manageable. Today it is on the 3rd notch (each notch is an inch apart from the next one). No breathing in, it is bona fide 3rd notch in.

5) - Bras - A bra that I had given up on 2 months ago because it left red marks around me and was uncomfortably tight fitted me perfectly yesterday. I am a sucker for nice bras and can't wait for the next time I need to get some new ones. I have warned DH that I will be needing some soon. Most of the rest are fitting on the tightest hooks so won't be long now.

That will do. I am a happy bunny right now.


  1. Awesome job hun =) Happy mother's day!

  2. Dang! That's an awesome list of NSVs! Keep it up!

  3. great job...I still remember the first time I played tag at the park with my youngest after dropping a ton of weight. There is no better feeling that to really play with your kids and enjoy it. congratulations...and happy mother's day.

  4. Thank you. I hope you had a lovely mother's day. We had ours a few weeks ago in the UK but a friend of mine who is from the US and lives in the UK was trying to persuade her family that they should celebrate both. :oD

  5. Ah, all of this is so amazing. I beat the neighborhood kids when we had to run to get them into the car and off to the bus station when their Dad didn't make it home in time, and I wasn't really even trying. I hear one teenager say, 'well, she's a runner'. A runner indeed and something I never thought I'd be. Good luck with the new clothes. Finding a good bra is difficult for me, but it's fun to be out there looking!