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Monday, 23 May 2011

Weigh in - 8 weeks.

That time of the week again.
Weight - 11st 9 1/2lbs - A loss of 1 1/2lbs since last week making 13lbs loss total.
Body fat - 37% - A loss of 1% making 3% loss total.
Another 3/4in lost over chest, waist and hips making 7 1/4in lost in total.
I am also now 8 weeks from when I started so I have taken other measurements too.
Left bicep - 12 4/8in -loss of 3/8in over 4 weeks/6/8in total.
Left thigh - 23 1/8in - loss of 6/8in over 4 weeks/1 6/8in total.
Left calf - 15 2/8in - loss of 1/8in over 4 weeks/4/8in total.
 I wasn't expecting much this week. We spent the weekend with my parents which is usually something that sees plenty of food and lots of doing very little. It is also something which, when I have been trying to lose weight in the past, sees me either losing nothing or regaining some. This is not because my parents are lazy. They aren't. My Mum has always been a healthy weight and if she sits down in the day it usually means she is ill. My Dad is a long time marathon runner who goes running most days of the week. My youngest brother is skinny as a rake, always has been and always will be. It is that childhood home comforts thing.

But I am happy with everything from this week. Especially my weight, 11st 9 1/2lbs (163.5lbs) is the lowest I have seen on the scales for over 10 years. It also means that I am now officially (fanfare please) overweight. Dum dum de dum dum dummmmmm. I have dropped from being obese to being overweight. I am so happy about that. You'd think I had been told that I'd won the lottery!

I am starting to be able to see big changes in the mirror. I can see the shape of my waist that I always used to love. I can't believe the loss so far on my thigh. I am amazed that they have shrunk so much. In fact the only place I can't really see the difference is in my calves. I have never liked them and they have always been huge. I am glad that I have been tracking their measurement because if I hadn't then I wouldn't think there was a difference.

I did eat more carefully while I was at my parents than I have in the past. But I know it wasn't as carefully as I have been eating at home. Most important for me is that I took my running stuff there and went for a run/walk with my husband and brother. Over 30 minutes we walked 19 minutes and ran 11 minutes. I have made a note of the time and route and when we go back next time I plan to cover the same route and see what time I can do it in then.

Biggest surprise though was my mouth! As I mentioned my Dad is a runner. He loves it. There is a 10k race that he is doing soon and he was talking to my brother about how he will be old enough to do it next year. Before I realised it I was telling my brother that if he does it I will. So there, I have committed to my first race. I plan to do other shorter ones just as soon as I can run 5k. There are some coming up nearby soon but I want to be able to say I ran the whole thing. I could do them now but only if I walked/ran. I am seeing it as a challenge and am determined that this time next year I am going to be preparing for my first 10k run. So this time next year when I am saying 'what on earth possessed me to say I would do this' remind me that it was all down to sibling rivalry and direct me over here!

I am happy with the way everything is going but I am also getting a bit worried. It is seeming a bit too good to be true at the moment. I do feel a bit like I am watching it all from the outside. I am losing weight every week, measurements are shrinking every week, my fitness levels are rising almost daily and I am not looking forward to the week that sees a gain. I have realised I have been starting to expect it and be fearful of it. So this is my plan, when it happens I am not going to let it de-rail me. I am going to carry on with what I have been doing. I am going to remember that there will be a reason behind it. It could be because of TOM, it could be because of muscle gain, it could be because I haven't been so mindful of what I have eaten. There will be a reason and it won't be the end of the world.

So this no longer obese person is off to change all the bits and bobs on her blog that need adjusting and to enjoy the day.

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