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I am a 33 year old mum of two who has spent her entire teenage and adult life struggling with her weight. I am not going to struggle with it anymore. I am in charge!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Losing the will rather than the weight.

I am not doing a great job right now of sticking to my aims and goals. I have stopped tracking food, stopped blogging all my thoughts and stopped planning meals. The result of this is that my weight is sticking. There is just enough thought going on in there to stop it from going back up. I don't want that. The only thing still going on properly is the exercise. I think that is my saving grace.

The worst thing at the moment is that I don't really feel the inclination to get back on top of it. I know that deep down I want to I just can't quite make that final push.  I keep coming up with reasons why it might be that my heart isn't in it at the moment. I am not going to go into them right now. They don't deserve the head space.

This whole blog is supposed to be about getting there this time. I am not THERE yet. That I do know. But I have become complacent. I've left the land of obese and am down to overweight, I have got into regular exercise, I have lost 20lbs, I have shrunk out of so many clothes and most of the time (dressed) I don't look in the mirror and look terrible. I have achieved so much and I am happy about that BUT I am not going to settle for half way there or nearly there.

I feel like I need to have some space for me to sort my head out and come up with a plan. Luckily I get that chance next week. Bookworm and Hyperboy will be with their Grand-parents for a week so I will have some child free time.

Before I get that chance if there is anyone reading this who can relate and has any wise words for me let me know.


  1. I think it's really important that you do actually give head space to the reasons why your heart isn't in it at the minute. This way you can address it and move forward. You're doing things the right way and I think it's great that you can recognise your achievements too. You've done so well, just keep going hun x

  2. I can definitely relate! Check out my blog for the last 2 months, and my weigh in page- I've been in a rut where I knew what I should be doing, but I just wasn't doing it. I was definitely complacent and focusing on everything else that was going on in my life instead. It so mental tho, something just has to click and you have to get back to that point of, ok i need to do this. I don't want to just get part of the way there. I want to look great, feel great and accomplish what I set out to. I know you do too, so just take in how far you've come, but know that you can go further! You have more you want to lose, so just do it! Think of your reasons for wanting it..

  3. Ok Make-up Fairy. I consider myself told. I will give some serious thought to the whys. ;o)

    Need to Get ME Back - I have been following you. It has seemed to me that among the blogs I read there have been a lot of people feeling like it recently. Maybe there has been something in the air!