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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Not what I haven't done!

Yes that is confusing me too. But basically I decided I was going to come here and write about what I have done since Wednesday not come and moan about how bad I am doing. So here are my 'I haves'

I have... run twice.
Thursday night I did c25k week 5 run 3. I have plotted myself a new route because I was getting fed up with the route I had before. It was short enough that I was having to do it twice to fit all of c25k in and that was getting boring. My new route is far more public and has me passing a lot more people.
Friday night I went out just for fun. Yes the words 'Michelle', 'run' and 'fun' all came under the same category. I went out for the first time without my ipod and after 5 minutes walking I just ran. No timer, no company, no programme. I ran for about 13 minutes. I felt great afterwards because it's the longest I have run 'under my own steam'.

I have... tried to remember that this is a long journey not a quick fix.
I think I was starting to get a bit impatient with how slowly this is going. I could make it faster but that would involve very strict eating plans. I am not going down that road. So what if it takes me longer. I can take my time and I will get there.

I have...
Told pretty much everyone I know that I am running a 5k next month and a 10k next May. It's out there now. Everyone knows I now go running.

So it's a short list of haves but I am going to concentrate on those at the moment. The I haven'ts will get there. I will make sure they do.

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  1. Great job!! Isn't is crazy the things that are fun to us now?? haha Keep up the great work and GOOD LUCK ON YOUR 5K!!!